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Since 2010, Platinum Platypus has partnered with companies across the world for corporate video production, motion graphics, animated infographics and 3D animation. We are a full service video production company located in New York who travel thru out the United States, UK and parts of Asia.


Strategic and informational meets bold and beautiful.

We know that strong corporate video is successful based on several factors. Strong, engaging visuals, along with strategic scripting and editing, that clearly highlights and markets your companies unique benefits. PlatPlat is built on a heritage of strategic copywriters and editors, along with some pretty slick production skills. Many brands trust us to craft thier messaging, while we’re equally happy to work along with other strategic agencies partners or in-house marketing teams. 


Heart pounding or informational. 2D or 3D. No matter the use, nothing compares to motion graphics.

Our motion graphics come in a variety of flavors, informational explainer videos, Heart pumping 3d motion graphics, to show opens, and product demos. We’ve done it for some of the biggest brands.


Commercial video and editing that moves the viewer.

We love the art of visual composition and storytelling. It’s why we got into this business in the first place. Finding interesting angles to make the mundane interesting, creating the right mood with lighting. Then, tieing it all together in an edit session to tell the best story, and then wrapping it up with our color grading and music. 


Flawless products beauty shots, stunning motion graphics, CG characters and commercial VFX.

PlatPlat gets called on for many 3d needs. From animated characters, to slick motion graphics for shows and sporting events, to creating unreal effects for TV and movies.

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