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If your product is cool, shouldn't your presentation of it be cool too?

CG product teaser video

We've all seen it, the cool sports car, ripping around the curves of some exotic location. The magic hour lighting, the dynamic camera moves. The edit. The music. It all points to "Wow, that's one sexy looking car! Somebody special must drive that car." Now, imagine that same car, at your local dealership sitting in the lot. Not nearly as sexy looking anymore, right? I mean, sure, it's still a great looking car, and maybe the guy who shot it knows how to frame a shot, but it lost that aura of excitement and, well, coolness. Right? Well, that's how I feel when I see great looking products like jewelry, glasses, tech hardware, etc. These are great looking products, but it just feels somewhat flat. No excitement. Don't get me wrong, I understand catalog photography and video. You need a clean shot of your product. But when you really want to hype a product, shouldn't it get the "exotic sports car" treatment? Put it in a world that it belongs in, show off the special benefits in an interesting way, in short, sell me the romance, the excitement. It deserves it!


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