Video Production

Put yourself, your company or your product in the best light.

Look and sound your best with 4K resolution filming, sharp direction and artfully crafted storytelling.

Film is amongst our greatest passions here at Platinum Platypus. We thrive on turning even the most mundane projects into works of cinematic art. Don’t settle for the standard low cost poor quality solution. Your business and/or product deserve to be showcased in the best possible light. We will work inside of all budgets, big and small, while always maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry.
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Country Carpet Commercial
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Brother Cannon Printer Video
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Brother Disney Sewing Machine
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Arctic Cool Apparel Video
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Tax Angels Commercial Video
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We’ve shot for many types of videos over the years, for a wide range of clients. Each one has its challenges and needs. Sometimes we need a full-blown production, where we need to secure locations, actors, and lighting crew. Other times we may be shooting more docu-style, where we give a real insight into a “day in the life.” Yet other times, we may be called to shoot a luminary interview in a short window of time, yet squeeze in as much production value as we can. Luckily for all these situations, we’ve developed quite the shorthand and react quickly and cost-effectively.

Clients have entrusted us to work with some of the worlds most high profile personalities and brands.

Our clients have used us for a wide range of video needs

Consumer Commercials

TV commercials
Product feature videos
Social media videos

Political Videos

Campaign videos
Social commentary

Corporate Videos

Corporate overview video
Capabilities video
Industrial video
Internal communication video
Recruitment video

Pharmaceutical Videos

Patient profiles
Product overviews
Luminary speeches

Filming is just a part of what we do.

The real magic happens when we get to post.

Filming is just a part of what we do. The real magic happens when we get to post. To create the perfect videos. It’s a dance between multiple disciplines. The shooting. The editing. The color. The music score.
Being the same core crew for over 15 years means that we know what each part is looking for, a sort fo artistic shorthand, and it shows in the quality of our work. The shooter knows what the editor likes the editor knows what the shooter is trying to convey. It ends with a powerful video with the just-right tone for your viewers, whether bold, emotional, or thoughtful..but always amazing looking.

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