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The roar of an electrically charged crowd of 50 thousand plus screaming fans, is an experience like no other.

When it comes to sports and entertainment events it’s not just about the teams competing on the field, the band rocking the house, the comedian captivating an audience with laughter or the talented actors of Hollywood receiving awards for their brilliant work.  Events of this magnitude need powerful, stylish and memorable branding, video and motion graphic elements to fully bring the experience to life for their viewers.  

Ohio State Buckeyes College Football Video Animation
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Aro Lucha Wrestling Intro Video
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Seattle Seahawks NFL Video
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Emmy Red Carpet Animation Video
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You need a hard-hitting, heart pounding sports graphics package showcased on a 72-foot high,160-foot wide ultra high-definition screen to ignite your fans. You need adrenaline inducing crowd prompts lighting up a ribbon board to celebrate your favorite team hitting a home run or scoring the game winning touchdown. You need to hype up your crowd with earth shattering player introductions to set the stage for the big game. You need to ignite up your audience with amazing high-energy event graphics to heighten the mood at your sold-out concert. When it comes to sports and entertainment events, these things are a must!

NFL, MLB, Coca-Cola, Motorola logos

We create sports graphics packages, event graphics and complete broadcast sports rebranding elements for major league baseball (MLB), American football (NFL) and national broadcast award shows. We also work on co-branded specialty promotional graphics to be showcased at events in partnership with large brands like Coca-Cola and Motorola.  

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We can work in any format or resolution that is required for your graphic displays. All video and graphics content can be customize to fit any and all aspect ratios for both horizontal and vertical displays.

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