Burt Young – A Legend

Our video production company had the fortune to produce a video about Burt Young.  Legendary actor Burt Young reflects on his many creative passions.  Additionally, he shares stories from a long career. In the first place, Young was probably best known for his role as Rocky Balboa’s brother-in-law and best friend Paulie Pennino in the Rocky film series.

Video Production Company

Platinum Platypus, a video production company, enjoys creating documentaries.  This “emotional library” documentary about Burt Young, was no exception.  In addition, Burt’s great acting roles, championship boxing matches and expressive paintings depict many milestones from his remarkable life.

Story Telling

We specialize in telling stories via film and visual production.  Working on this film truly inspired our team at our core.  If you’re anything like us, watching this documentary will bring a heap of emotions to your heart.  Especially, if Rocky and Paulie were in your home growing up as a child.  Does it ring a bell for you?

Heart and Sole

As a video production company, Platinum Platypus places our heart and sole in every production we create.  In our production, “Burt Young, An Emotional Library,” we simply followed our heart with Burt.  Each time Burt shared a scene from one of his movies, we just knew viewers would be glued to their seat.  Young is such a legend in so many ways.

Memory Lane

Our crew still talks about scenes from Rocky that Burt shared in the documentary.  We probably all remember when Paulie used a baseball bat to smash Rocky’s lamp — Do you remember?  Take a few minutes right now to enjoy some history and go down memory lane.  We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this documentary.

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