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Jabil Wind Energy

This marketing video production is for Jabil Wind Energy.  The global wind industry continues to grow with annual installations over 50 GW (Gigawatts). The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) publishes annual statistics and suggests there are over 500 GW of wind power spinning around the globe.

In general, the vast majority of capacity deployments are in China, US, Germany, France, UK, Spain, and Poland.  Additionally, key emerging markets are also proving to be unique opportunities for deployments.  These areas include India, Brazil, Mexico, and Russia.  Furthermore, government renewable policies and the Paris Agreement are helping to increase wind turbine production.

A Trusted Partner

Above all, Jabil has over 12 years of experience manufacturing high-level assembly components for wind turbine generators (WTGs).  In particular, areas of expertise include pitch control systems, converters, nacelle control systems, and PCBAs. As you’ll see in this marketing video production, Jabil’s footprint in the industry includes more than 20,000 MW WTGs installations operating today.  Finally, Jabil’s manufactured components used in generation and controls are at the forefront of these installations.

With this in mind, Jabil partners with wind-energy companies to accelerate time-to-market and expand into emerging geographies.  With operations in over 90 sites in 23 countries, Jabil is a leader for manufacturing and supply chain logistics.  For instance, key geographies include Brazil, China, India, Vietnam and Mexico.

Platinum Platypus is honored to produce this marketing video production for Jabil Wind Energy.

Marketing Video Production

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