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Our corporate video services at Platinum Platypus help our clients tell a story.  In this video for Jabil, we present a vision for the future…dreaming, innovation, execution.  Above all, Jabil’s history of innovation has enabled the company to expand into 23 countries around the world.  In addition, Jabil’s 90 facilities throughout the world provide customers with unparalleled manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

First thing to remember, partnering with Jabil enables businesses to propel their business forward.  Whether your business is in the Internet of Things (IoT), gaming and leisure technologies, aerospace technologies or almost any other industry, Jabil gives your business a worldwide footprint.

To point out, the corporate video services that we provide help share your company vision.  In this video, Jabil leaders share their vision for innovation.  Over 250 top brands throughout the world leverage Jabil’s worldwide infrastructure.  Furthermore, Jabil has built a corporate culture that truly values their 180,000 worldwide employees.  Jabil is the perfect partner.

Platinum Platypus is proud to provide corporate video services for Jabil.

Corporate Video Services

Take a look at Platinum Platypus’s portfolio of clients.  In particular, see how our corporate video services help our clients tell a story about their business for audiences worldwide.

Platinum Platypus loves working with corporate clients.  We help you clearly communicate your story. Learn how to create a video for your company.  Click on What You Need to Know for more information.

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