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Domino® Sugar

This corporate production is for Domino® Sugar.  The renowned brand started in East Coast markets within the United States more than 100 years!  The brand name, Domino®, became official in 1901 by a New York-based sugar company. Now, the unique yellow bags of Domino® Sugar as viewed in this corporate production dominate kitchens everywhere for their sweetenings needs.

To clarify, Domino® Foods, Inc. owns the Domino® Sugar brand.  In fact, they are the largest marketer of refined sugar in the United States.  In addition, the Domino® brand includes other sweeteners.  Similarly, these baking staples such as Confectioner’s Sugar and Brown Sugar products, are found everywhere. Finally, Organic Blue Agave Nectars are another Domino® all-natural sweetener.

Moreover, Domino® Foods, Inc. is also a leading industrial sugar supplier.  For instance, they produce sugar for food manufacturers.  In addition, they offer a complete line of sweetener products for the food service industry.  Domino® Sugar owns three major U.S. refineries.  Locations include: Yonkers, New York; Baltimore, Maryland; and Chalmette, Louisiana.  With this in mind, these refineries can produce 2.2 million metric tons of sugar per year — that’s a lot of sugar!

Platinum Platypus is honored to work with Domino® Sugar on their corporate production.

Corporate Production

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