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This company video production is for Pringles.  Who in the world hasn’t tried a Pringles potato chip?  Just thinking about Pringles chips can make you want one!  Pringles is iconic…their chip, can, marketing…it’s all perfectly calculated to keep their brand in your head.  And of course, the taste of a Pringles chip is undeniably delicious!

Fredric Baur conceived the original Pringles can.  In 1966, Baur had an idea to stack chips uniformly rather than tossing them in a bag.  From that idea, the Pringles chip and can have now been around for more than five decades.  In addition, Pringles has over $1.5 billion in annual sales across more than 140 countries.

On a side note, Fredric Baur is now buried in a Pringles can. In a Time Magazine article, Baur’s family said “he was so proud of his achievement, he wanted to go to his grave with it.”  So when Baur past away, his family buried the 89-year-old’s ashes in one of his iconic Pringles cans.

Platinum Platypus is proud to work with the historic Pringles brand for this company video production.

Company Video Production

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