Business Video Production

Channel Islands

This business video production is for the Channel Islands.  Nothing like a bit of egg-selent humor to promote an event, that’s what we always say.  At Platinum Platypus, our goal is to truly understand the goals of our clients.  In this business video production, our client wanted animated eggs to engage in humor.  When clients tell us their needs, we bring their ideas to life!  In this case, the animated eggs really do crack a fun joke (pun intended) — See for yourself — Take a look a this video right now and see if it makes you laugh!

Business Video Production

Take a look at Platinum Platypus’s portfolio of clients.  Additionally, see how our clients use video to tell a story about their business for audiences worldwide.

Platinum Platypus loves working with corporate clients.  We help you clearly communicate your story. Learn how to create a video for your company.  Click on What You Need to Know for more information.

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