Aurora Awards

The Aurora Awards recognizes media creators across the globe who delight audiences with magnificent execution and brilliant content.  The Aurora Awards is a professional filmmaker’s recognition organization.  Film, video and motion media (which do not air in all 5 major network feeds), all have the opportunity to get recognized for their masterpieces.  Recipients of the awards can be independent, corporate, freelance, broadcast, instructional and educational production groups of all sizes.

In addition, the awards hold semi-annual competitions to promote excellence and advancement in filmmaking.

Furthermore, they uncover visionary and innovative concepts that help to change the world.  Finally, the awards highlight initiatives that create value for people across the globe.

Jabil Empowerment

In particular, the Aurora Awards are designed to recognize brilliance internationally in the media industry.  Platinum Platypus was honored to produce the “JABIL – Connecting People, Places and Partners to Empower Positive Change.”  For that reason, Platinum Platypus wants to recognize Jabil Inc. for Investing in the Power of Women.

Platinum Platypus has a full portfolio of technically advanced films, commercials, documentaries, movies and corporate videos.  However, the message behind this video is a message for all corporations to follow throughout the world.

The Aurora Awards values and seeks to encourage filmmakers as they grow.  They expect them to reach for excellence in each creation.  With that in mind, we wanted to show the world how Jabil helps to empower their employees through many engaging programs.

BSR HERproject

Jabil has partnered with BSR and HP to unlock Personal Growth for their employees.

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) is a capability-building program with a unique Health Enables Returns (HERproject) initiative.

Women comprise 50% of Jabil’s global workforce, so it’s no wonder the company takes such pride investing in the power of women.  Global supply chains are often a major employer of women.  In fact, women represent an average of 68 percent of the garment workforce.  In the textile sector, women make up 45 percent of the workforce..

These working women often face significant and specific challenges.  HERproject stands with women as they take greater control of their lives.  A major goal is ensuring that women make and act on choices they value. The HERproject firmly believes that women in global supply chains have the potential to be powerful agents for positive change.

Jabil’s involvement in the HERproject is to unlock that potential.  For this reason, we’re hoping the judges for the Aurora Awards will shine a light on Jabil’s worldwide initiatives.

BSR HERproject Model

The BSR HERproject Model brings together global brands and their suppliers.  In addition, their local partners help to create and implement workplace-based interventions.   These include health, financial inclusion, and gender equality.

The participating companies commit to implementing workplace-based programs.  These empower women workers in global supply chains.

BSR develops curricula, tools, and guidance for workplace-based interventions.  They connect companies with local partners and provide technical support for implementation of HERproject.

BSR’s Local Partners use their expertise to adapt the curricula to the specific context in their local area.  They also provide qualified trainers to deliver programs.

Factories and Farms allocate time for trainings for their workers.  Topics include health, financial inclusion, and gender equality.  The participating organizations work with BSR and local partners to build inclusive workplaces related to these areas.

Women Workers participate in trainings and become peer educators.  They share information with their colleagues, friends, family, and also with members of their communities.

Jabil Social Responsibility

The Aurora Awards have various categories including “Educate” and “Social Issue” awareness.  With this in mind, Jabil’s partnership with BSR and HP embodies the social responsibility and awareness.

The BSR HERproject initiatives transform their lives at home, at work and in the community.  This program benefits generations to come.  Furthermore, they share what they’ve learned in their homes, with family and friends, in their communities.  Finally, they teach this valuable information to their peers.

Family, Reproductive Health, Self-Esteem and Wellness

The programs that Jabil, HP and BSR deploy help the employees with their family, reproductive health, their self-esteem and wellness.

In addition, they have access to Life Coaching, Team Building and Personal Enrichment.

Naturally, education leads to Career Advancement.  The benefits include a continuous cycle of improvement for employees and their families.

Great People Program

Jabil has also created a “Great People Program” to break the cycle of poverty in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Underprivileged women attend classes at the Jabil campus on ethics, values, and professionalism.  Another key point, some are even taught to play music.

These talented and inspiring young women complete the program at age eighteen.  Armed with education and marketable job skills, several have gone on to become employees of Jabil.

Another unique program is the “Jabil Joules” project.  This is another opportunity for women to learn how and why to be successful in their careers.

Finally, the “Baby on Board” program provides care to pregnant women and their babies.  They have access to a private room for breastfeeding.  In addition, they can participate in Breast and Cervical Screening Programs.


It’s no wonder that Jabil produces over $19 Billion in annual revenue and employs over 170,000 workers.

The company truly looks after their employees and that’s why Platinum Platypus is proud to serve such a great company.

We hope the Aurora Awards feels the same way!

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