So you need a corporate what?

You're thinking about getting a corporate video, and you're tasked with finding a corporate video production company.

Seems simple enough, right? Well, you’d be surprised how confusing corporate video services can be. Why? Because the advantages of good corporate video are only partly based on the actual video part. Most people concentrate on the “video” part and not the “corporate” part.  You see, at its core, corporate video is all about messaging. Without somebody understanding your business, or more importantly, corporate messaging, you are left with a pretty picture with no real substance or corporate messaging power. 

Top corporate video companies have a plan.

Having an engaging corporate video starts off with a few simple questions. What’s the goal? Who is the target audience? What is unique about your companies service that separates you from your competition? Perhaps your message is powerful and easy to understand, or maybe your message is more complicated to get across. Having a goal and coming up with an approach to tell your corporate video story is the key to success. What will the needed elements be? Corporate interviews? Is it a location shoot showing your breadth of service? 
The next question is, how will this video be used? Is it a corporate training video? Internal communications? Is it an explainer video? Is it an overall corporate branding video?
Once you have a clear direction for your corporate messaging, you are ready to put your production plan in motion. You’ll want to make sure you interestingly shoot your subjects in dynamic lighting set up and exciting camera angles. Too often, the corporate video leaves a taste of “good enough” and lacks the polish and style of consumer commercials. This is just not true. Having the look of a high-end corporate video should never be the exception, but the norm. Even the way a camera moves, the focus, the depth of field all come into play. Once it’s all shot, the editor will craft a compelling story that is a play of interviews, environmental shots, motion graphics, and music. Once the edit is complete and approved by the client, final adjustments are made that really bring it to life. Balancing the color, so it matched throughout, mastering all the interview voice-overs, so they are clear and balanced throughout, and lastly, color grading, to give your corporate video a unique cinematic look.

We love corporate video, and we think you'll love us.

Platinum Platypus has been doing corporate video for over 15 years for some of the world’s largest tech, pharma, and financial brands. At the same time, we’ve done consumer commercial videos for some well-known brands too. We’ve even done stadium graphics for the NFL and MLB, even the Emmy awards! In our minds, there is no difference in quality and craftmanship between them. The corporate video should be as polished and engaging as any other type of video. But what about strategic know-how, you ask? Before we were in production, we cut our teeth working in ad agencies. This heritage runs deep in our DNA. So we are comfortable working independently, your ad agency or your in-house marketing team. 
Sounds interesting? Give us a call at 631-925-5622 x101. We’d love to hear from you!

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