Motion Graphics

Motions That Moves You.

We bring the “WOW” to your brand with professional high-energy motion graphics executed by our in-house team of 2D and 3D animation experts.

Whether you need to make a splash on a 160 foot wide sports stadium screen or bring some sizzle to your next sales pitch in the conference room, Platinum Platypus has the tools and the know-how to create exciting animated content across a wide array of needs and applications. Have a complex concept to get across? Need a dynamic mix of visuals, infographics and sound design to boost visibility in a crowded social media space? Nothing marries your branding and messaging like the engaging look of a perfectly executed motion graphic.

Aro Lucha Wrestling Intro Video
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Jabil Wireless Connected Appliance
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Seattle Seahawks NFL Video
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Jabil Wind Technology Video
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Ohio State Buckeyes College Football Video Animation
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Friendly's Restaurant Video
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Marchon Brand Video
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Emmy Red Carpet Animation Video
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There are many unique ways to use motion graphics. It can be for creating drama and excitement, like stadium graphics for the NFL. Or it can be for adding elegant sophistication for large trade show media event, or even be straightforward for explainer videos to get your concept across simply. We offer a wide variety of styles to fit any budget and needs in either 2d or 3d.

Motion graphics come in a variety of flavors…and they all are sweet!

Cut through the confusion with Motion graphics

Ever have a great idea, only to try to explain it to someone, and you don’t see that look of “wow, that’s an amazing idea!” on their face? We see it all the time; some of the best ideas tend to be complex in understanding. This is the perfect reason why motion graphics are so important. By both visually and verbally laying out an idea, it dramatically increases your viewer’s chances of understanding your ideas.

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