When we think about motion graphics and explainer videos, the focus and goal that we have is to take a lot of complex information on a specific topic and find creative ways to showcase that information visually in a way that is easy-to-understand and engaging for the viewer.  Infographics are also a great way to accomplish this.


What is an Infographic?

Traditionally, infographics tend to be a static image that is designed using a collection of imagery (photography, iconography, illustrations, etc.), charts, and minimal typography elements that convey your information in a very simple and visually pleasing way. We often use these same types of elements in our corporate motion graphic videos and explainer videos in order to create that same sense of great visual design while not compromising on messaging.

Approaching how to create an infographic can be a daunting task.

You might ask, what is my focus and what are the most important data points to showcase? Your business is complex and it can be difficult to understand exactly where to start. Therefore, it’s really not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when thinking about how to make an infographic for your company that showcases the right data and in the right way.

When considering an infographic design company it is important to first recognize what its usage will look like.

For example, maybe you came across a nice looking marketing infographic on social media or landed on a website that showcased a cool interactive infographic. Both of those examples are accomplishing the same thing but in very different ways.


Infographics can take on many different formats and companies that create infographics may not necessarily have all the capabilities needed to execute your specific needs. Since Platinum Platypus holds a strong focus in all things video production and motion graphics, we are primarily an animated infographic company. However, we understand the wide range of needs that our clients have and in turn have built a diverse team of artists, marketing experts and web coders who can deliver on any type of infographic you may need. 

The design of an infographic can be just as important as the data it represents.

When thinking about how to design infographics it’s important that you’re aware of your audience, your brand and your core capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a service or a product. What matters is that your messaging is targeted to your customer base in a way that speaks to trends, challenges and needs of your consumers.


A company infographic is all about data visualization.

Data doesn’t have to be a bunch of boring numbers in an excel spreadsheet. Data can be beautiful! Let’s say you have a big pitch meeting coming up with a potentially large client. Ask yourself if the power point presentation you’re preparing really has the right zip and wow to make your company look as great as it truly is. Sure, you can write out a bunch of impressive numbers in a bulleted list with your company logo and call it a day. But that won’t help you stand out and make a splash. Be bold. Be different. A well designed and strategized infographic can be the secret weapon you need to boost sales and land large clients.

Do you have a need for an infographic? We can help!

Give us a call at 631-925-5622 x101 and let’s take those boring old spreadsheets and turn them into beautiful works of art that not only look pretty, but also help you breakthrough the clutter of your competitors and win.

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