Sometimes, things get a little complicated and difficult to convey.

How do you educate and inform your customers and consumers on all of the complex ins and outs of your services and/or products in a way that is clean, clear and entertaining all at once?  An explainer video is a great way to accomplish just that.  

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video can take on many different forms. The most common explainer video examples are animated explainer videos. These explainer animations can be cartoon explainer videos or whiteboard explainer videos and are usually short and simple in nature. A simple explainer video usually makes for the best explainer videos. Why? Because in this day and age your brand is constantly competing and fighting for the attention of your customers and consumers. You need to grab hold of their attention and lock it up with a short explainer video that is not only informative but also engaging. 

Do explainer videos work?

Explainer video production can be a time consuming task. Often times people will be tempted to cut corners and use a template or explainer video software that autogenerates animations in order to save time and money. Explainer video animation is typically most effective when it can be crafted and customized to your exact needs in order to meet the expectations and demands of your audience. Like we said, engagement is king! What good is spending time and money on an explainer video company only to have them provide you with some templated explainer video production approach that will just appear vanilla and generic to your audience? You can’t compete in your field by cutting corners. Corporate explainer video production requires more than just typing up your messaging onto a template alongside some basic iconography. You need strategy, vision and bold design to stand out and gain traction in the market. This is ultimately why explainer videos are effective.

How much does it cost to make an explainer video?

This is a question we get A LOT because corporate explainer videos are popular and therefore are a very often requested video format by our clients. The truth is, when it comes to creating custom animation with a high-level strategic approach that’s built from he ground up to provide the best possible results for your business, the answer lies with the value you place on it. We can figure out how to make an explainer video that works within the budget you have. That’s what we do.  We solve problems without cutting corners.

We're different.

Platinum Platypus understands that it’s not enough to just put some tired buzzwords in motion alongside some bland stock imagery. Our motion graphic animations need to accomplish the goals you need to hit. We do this by creating beautifully designed infographic elements, dynamic typography, lively transitions, flashy pops of color and an interesting storyline. If you need explainer animation then go why settle for corporate explainer video production that doesn’t meet the same standards you set for your own business or product?

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The sky is the limit and we’re excited to help you break through the ceiling and dominate your competition.  

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