It all starts with great gear. We use prime lenses, pro audio equipment, and a professional lighting kit.  We can also provide those extra touches to your projects with camera sliders, jibs, and camera dollies. Coming from a design background, getting the right look is always a priority.


Our editors love to tell a story. It's not just about getting from A to B. It's about evoking an emotion, keeping a pace, and engaging the viewer.


The finished product is what matters most. Our footage is color balanced and then color graded to give a finished and polished "look".  But your piece won't just look great, it will sound great!  The right sound effects and music will bring everything to life.  All audio is mixed and mastered to add that last piece to the puzzle, leaving you with great looking AND great sounding video.

Visual FX

Let's face it, Visual FX are an important part of modern day film-making.  Whether you need to transform a sunny day into the next apocalypse or have a giant monster destroy downtown, we have the tools and the know-how to bring it to life.

Motion Graphics

We come to this gunfight with a bandolier full of graphic bullets.  Whether we rock it for a professional sports team or add some sophisticated grander for a national award show, our motion graphics always bring juice!  Strong design is always key, but lots of flares can't hurt! If it doesn't give us a tingle...we don't send it out.

Filming / Editing

• Commercials
• Documentaries
• Reality TV
• Indie films

Visual FX

• Vehicles
• Environments
• Character design & animation
• Destruction

Motion Graphics

• Sports teams
• Show opens
• Product display
• Logo animation