Marketing that Moves You.

In today's post-print, want-it-now, "send-me-the-link" world, the dominant media content is video -- across Web, Social Media and more.  Are you doing enough?  Probably not.

Are you settling for corporate video that is less than cinematic? Or doesn't convey your message in ways that elevate your brand? Are you yielding the ROI you expect for the spend?

At Platinum Platypus, we're not only creative visual artists, we are also strategic marketing specialists – and that's a rare mix in our field. We understand how to weave value proposition into every program we produce – global and domestic. That means scripting with authority, shooting with purpose and editing to tell a tale that connects and compels your audience to action.

Your business is our business:

  • Corporate image
  • Intranet & digital marketing
  • Pitches & presentations
  • Sales & product training
  • Executive & SME profiles
  • Event marketing
  • Social media
  • Commercials
  • Viral content

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