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Corporate Video: What You Need to Know

Corporate video helps companies communicate with customers, clients, employees and the public.  In today’s post-print, want-it-now, “send-me-the-link” world, the dominant media content is video — across Web, Social, Mobile and more.  

Corporate Video Uses

Above all, video is used in every aspect of corporate communication throughout the world for the following purposes:

  • Corporate image
  • Intranet & digital marketing
  • Pitches & presentations
  • Sales & product training
  • Executive & SME profiles
  • Event marketing
  • Social media
  • Commercials
  • Viral content

At Platinum Platypus, we’re not only creative visual artists, we are also strategic marketing specialists – and that’s a rare mix in our field. We understand how to weave value proposition into every program we produce – global and domestic. That means scripting with authority, shooting with purpose and editing to tell a tale that connects and compels your audience to action.

We hope you'll take a few minutes right now and call us at 631.925.5622 x101, so we can review our portfolio together.  We'll provide insight to guide your next project and elevate your brand.

Corporate Video Best Practices

For one thing, every corporate video should have a goal or purpose to reach a specific audience with a unique message.  In addition, planning is the key to producing a great video that communicates a succinct message.

  • Corporate Video Success Factors
    • Clear message
    • Engaging content
    • Emotional connection
    • Sizzle
    • SEO Optimization
    • Redistribution of your video

In particular, follow these best practices to produce an award-winning video:

  • Who?
    • Who is your Audience?
    • What do they like?
    • Is there anything they dislike?
    • Who can help you with your video?
  • What?
    • Have you identified the purpose of your video?
      • What message will you communicate?
      • Can you tell a story?
      • Do you have a goal for your video?
      • What metric determines your success?
  • Where?
    • Where will your video be viewed?
      • Cell phone?
      • Laptop?
      • Desktop?
      • Tablet?
    • Where will you reach your audience?
      • At home?
      • In the office?
      • An office lobby or waiting room?
      • Driving in their car?
      • Riding in a taxi?
      • Traveling on a train?
      • Flying in an airplane?
  • When?
    • What time will you reach your audience?
      • In the morning, afternoon, evening, weekend?
      • While alone, with family or friends?
      • At breakfast, lunch, dinner, on a break?
  • Why?
    • Why will your audience view your video?
      • Will they learn from the corporate video?
      • Can they benefit from your message?
      • Do they understand your message?
      • Will they share your message?
  • How?
    • How will you reach your audience?
    • In what way can you promote your video?
    • How will you produce your video?
    • Can you write your script or do you need help?
    • How can your colleagues help you?
    • How will you distribute your video?
      • TV Spot
      • Event
      • Website
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • Twitter
      • Email, etc.

Industry Examples

With this in mind, take a look at the industry examples of great corporate videos in our portfolio link below.  To demonstrate, our clients address elements of who, what, where, when, why and how.  Furthermore, the companies reach their target audience with a compelling message.

Tell a Story

Jabil, one of America's largest companies with over $19 Billion in annual revenue, uses Platinum Platypus to clearly communicate with their customers.

First of all, Jabil believes in corporate video because it enables their company to tell a story.  In addition, customers learn about Jabil's employees, product development process, vision for the future and company goals.  Finally, viewers learn how they help their clients and customers.

Commercials, Pitches and Presentations

For example, clients such as a CA, Hewlett-Packard, Walmart, WebMD and many others use their corporate videos for commercials, pitches and presentations.  In addition, sales and product training along with event marketing are areas of corporate communication that can truly benefit from video.

Viral Marketing

As you can see, companies throughout the United States utilize video in numerous ways.  Ultimately, this helps them to articulate their message and tell a story to their audience.  When properly executed, customers share their video through social networks providing corporations with a tremendous opportunity for viral marketing.

Competitive Advantage

Notably, corporate video also provides companies with an advantage over their competition.  By telling a story in video, viewers become engaged with the content and begin to share a deeper understanding of the company.

Know, Love and Trust

Another key point, the ultimate goal in business is to have customers know, love and trust your company.  To repeat, video enables companies to build that personal relationship with their audience.

In short, take some time to really think through your video and plan your message to accomplish your goals.  By strategically planning, you'll find the results will build your relationship with clients and ultimately drive good will, revenue and awareness for your company.

Top Resources

To begin with, call 631.925.5622 x101 and we’ll email you our top resources to help you plan your next video:

  1. Corporate Video Best Practices Template
  2. Video Marketing Goals Template
  3. Storyboard Template
  4. Video Distribution and Redistribution Blueprint

By utilizing our Best Practices Template, you'll be able to clearly think through Who, What, Where, When, Why and How to communicate to your audience.

In addition, using our Video Marketing Goals Template will help you analyze your purpose, goals, audience, message and delivery variables.  This will help to clearly formulate a cohesive action plan.

Furthermore, our Storyboard Template empowers your stakeholders to provide unique contributions to the project.  With their input, the project can be viewed from all angles leading to great success.

Finally, taking the time to outline your video marketing agenda using our Video Distribution and Redistribution Blueprint helps you uncover new opportunities. Our resources enable your team to have an actionable plan from start to finish for your project.


To sum up, we're here to help you.  We hope you'll utilize our knowledge and wisdom.  Ultimately, our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients by producing outstanding corporate video.

Platinum Platypus wants to earn your trust.  Give us a call today at 631.925.5622 x101  Let us show you how we help our clients communicate through video.

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