Every Picture Tells A Story...

Since we were kids, we’ve always loved “show & tell”. Our passion for storytelling continues today with a diverse portfolio of entertaining TV commercials, mini-documentaries and interviews that we’ve shot and produced. Platinum Platypus embraces it all!

Unabashedly, we are film geeks at heart, who get excited by the visions and wondrous possibilities that we explore and discover each day – both behind the camera as well as in the editing suite. From the latest gear to the multiple shooting style options that we use to the countless choices available in post-production, we love to tell a good story and work hard to make even mundane subjects interesting. Worried about budgets? We’ve worked with a wide variety of projects, both massive and mini. Platinum Platypus always tries to find a solution to fit your needs and to present your vision in the best possible light.

Let’s talk about your next epic project, call us at 631.925.5622.